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Courtney is not just in the business of making celebrities look their best. When asked she says “I enjoy helping people find their personal style to be the best versions of themselves”. Born on a farm in upstate New York she recalls far reaching dreams of making it to New York City and working in the fashion world in any capacity. After College, she landed an early career job at MTV which has proven to be an incredibly fruitful launchpad for her career as many of her early peers became the Directors and Producers booking her today. 

Given the chance opportunity to assist a celebrity stylist on the 2002 Video Music Awards, this lucky fortune lead her to fielding jobs of her own as she honed in the skill of bringing directors' vision to life. Several steadfast years wardrobe styling national commercials brought her upon another chance connection with Bobby Flay (through a former colleague at MTV).

As a Wardrobe Supervisor, she’s dressed Bobby in 29 consecutive seasons of “Beat Bobbly Flay”, a variety of hosts & guests on seasons 3 - 20 of “Worst Cooks in America”. Over the 12 years as Bobby’s personal stylist, she’s mastered the skillset of making all of her clients look great, their wardrobe complimentary to them, and, most importantly, their aesthetic interests represented at the monitor in video village. 


A staple at all of her clients print campaigns, cookbooks, commercials and appearances, she also curates personal wardrobe, designs & optimizes their closets, handles item replacement & organization, that gives them the power and confidence to get themselves ready on their own. 

When free’d up from personal clients and being mommy to 8yr old Ruby, she works on national commercial campaigns for previous corporate clients Maybelline, Cadillac, Target, Advil, Hellmann’s, Kohls, and Lego. 

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